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The Claw Kit - Stainless Steel upgrade kit

The Claw Kit - Stainless Steel upgrade kit

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This is an unofficial upgrade kit designed to be compatible with a wide array of Marvel Legends figures.

The kit contains 6 stainless steel claw parts that can be placed in the existing sockets on compatible figures. They provide a better fit, easier alignment, and a more high quality visual aesthetic than the original pieces.

These pieces are intended for purchase and use by adult collectors only. They are not meant to be handled by children, and should be kept well out of reach of children or animals as they may be hazardous if misused and/or swallowed. Proper care should be taken to avoid injury during installation and handling of the parts. There is an instructional video posted on demonstrating a proper method for using this item. This is an unofficial upgrade kit, and Can of Beams LLC does NOT accept any responsibility for any damage, injury, or death resulting from misuse of this product.

Seriously, be responsible, pay attention, don't hurt yourself.

There may be a slight variance in finish/brightness batch to batch.

No figures are included with this item, and any shown are done so for demonstration purposes only. Figures and the properties they come from are property of their respective license holders.

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