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Holiday Surprise Bundles

Holiday Surprise Bundles

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The holiday surprise bundle is a random assortment of $65 or more worth of Can of Beams effect pieces!  You can choose from a set of options to steer your bundle more towards your interests.  These can contain any effects that are featured on the Can of Beams store, but will not contain any duplicates of the same style of effect.  They can even contain some effects that are no longer regularly available.

 Bundle Options

Super Hero Bundle - Favors more effects that cater towards comic book type characters and looks.

Anime/Manga Bundle - Favors more effects that cater towards anime/manga type characters and looks.

Violence Bundle - Favors more effects for fighting scenes, and blood effects.

Surprise Bundle - This bundle could have any effects on the store.


These items are small and/or pointed, and may be hazardous to children if swallowed or used improperly, and as such are intended for use by adult collectors only.

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