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Hex Base Standard Peg Pack

Hex Base Standard Peg Pack

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This is where you can order extra batches of the standard 3 pegs that come bundled with the Hex Bases. This is the set of pegs that covers the broadest range of figures, which is why it is the standard bundled set.

The standard sized pegs are differentiated by a set of divots on the top side of the peg.

1 divot = small

2 divots = medium

3 divots = large

This item comes in bundles of either 25, 50, 75, or 100 sets of pegs.
This item includes just the pegs. No bases or figures are included with them, and are shown for demonstration purposes only.

Be sure to carefully size up the pegs to each figure when using them, so as to avoid any scenario where you may try to force a figure on to a peg that is simply too large for it. This may damage both the figure and the peg.

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