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G4 Flight Stand Adapter

G4 Flight Stand Adapter

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This item is made to order. This means that the item may not be in stock and if so will be produced to fill your order after your order is placed. As such, shipment, while generally within 5-15 business days of the order being placed, may be somewhat delayed if order volume is high.

This item is a custom made flight stand adapter that is compatible with Hasbro's G.I. Joe Classified "Trouble Bubble" flight pod vehicle. It slides onto the bottom of the flight pod, and adds sockets that allow for the flight pod to be used with 5 common flight stands.

The compatible stands are

- Bandai Tamashii stands

- Figma Stands

- Mezco Stands

- Mafex Stands

- Obitsu Stands

This adapter is meant to be very low profile, so that you may attach it to the vehicle and leave it there without it being obstructive to enjoyment of the toy.

There is a chance of light paint scratching where the adapter grips on the bottom of the vehicle.

No figures, vehicles, bases or flight stands are included with this item. This is for the flight stand adapter only. All shown vehicles and figures are property of their respective license holders, and are shown for demonstration purposes only.

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