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Exit Wound Effect Set

Exit Wound Effect Set

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This item is made to order. This means that the item may not be in stock and if so will be produced to fill your order after your order is placed. As such, shipment, while generally within 5-15 business days of the order being placed, may be somewhat delayed if order volume is high.

This is a set of entrance and exit wound style effects.  It includes 9 pieces, 3 spray effects and 6 base/entrance wound pieces.  The spray and base pieces can be attached as shown in the photo instructions shown at the end of the product photos, and then attached to a figure via blue tack, which is included with this set.  

The base effects can be used individually to  double as the smaller entry wound on the front of a figure, when positioned opposite the combined exit wound effect on the back. 

The spray parts can be tilted to a degree left or right when attached to a base effect, to give a wide variety of posing and use options.   

These pieces utilize transparency to create the appearance of free floating bits of blood coming off the spray.

These items have pointed ends and/or may be small, and may be hazardous in the hands of children. They are intended for adults only.

No stands, displays, or figures are included with this item. They are shown for demonstrative purposes only, of both usage and compatibility.


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