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Energy Shield 3 - Cosmic Legions Compatible

Energy Shield 3 - Cosmic Legions Compatible

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This is a PRE-ORDER item, and is expected to start shipping by Early June.  This may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  Any delays will be announced on the Can of Beams social media, and here below this message.  

A custom made transparent effect piece, with a distortion texture, and embedded highlights, means to simulate the look of a generated energy shield.  

One side is textured, and the other is smooth. Objects behind the effect appear heavily distorted due to the texture design, giving the effect the appearance of being waves, vibrations, or a heat haze in the air.  

This piece is compatible with the peg system that comes standard with most Cosmic Legions figures, and can be attached by slipping it on over one of those pegs via the center socket.  As such, this piece is meant for usage with Cosmic Legions figures, and is not guaranteed to work with any other figure lines.  There is another version of this effect available that does have wider compatibility.  

There are 7 different color options available for this effect, as well as a bundle option that includes 1 of each color option for a discount.  

These items are small and/or pointed, and may be hazardous to children if swallowed or used improperly, and as such are intended for use by adult collectors only.

No stands, displays, or figures are included with this item. They are shown for demonstrative purposes only.

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