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Encore Sale - Cosmic Effect Set

Encore Sale - Cosmic Effect Set

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This is an encore sale that will only be available while supplies last.  Expect the usual made to order processing times on this item of 5-15 business days. 

This is a set of 3 effect parts that I custom made, that are compatible with the Haslab Galactus.

There are 3 parts in this set. 2 effects for the eyes, and 1 for the chest.
All 3 parts utilize a mix of clear and opaque design, so as to take advantage of the LEDs built into the figure.

The chest piece has an open window, allowing the chest button to still be pressed.

These pieces attach with blue tack, which is included. An instructional video will be posted to the instructions page prior to the first shipments.

This item is intended for adult collectors only. It has pointed ends that may be hazardous in the hands of children.

No figures are included with this item, and any shown are done so for demonstration purposes only. Any figures and the properties they come from are property of their respective license holders.

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