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Fireworks Effect Set

Fireworks Effect Set

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This item is a pre-order item.  They are expected to begin shipping in early December 2023.  This may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  Any delays will be announced in this text and on Can of Beams social media. 

A two piece effect set, featuring an array of glowing firework designs.  One piece is a small set of flaring fireworks, and the other is a longer blast of fireworks.

Both piece fit over the wrists and hands of a figure using tension to stay in place.  Instructions on how to attach them properly will be located on the instructions page.  

Fit will vary based on the sculpt and size of the figure’s wrists and hands.

These items are small and/or pointed, and may be hazardous to children if swallowed or used improperly, and as such are intended for use by adult collectors only.

No stands, displays, or figures are included with this item. Any shown are done so for demonstrative purposes only.

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