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Bubble Wrap Effect Set

Bubble Wrap Effect Set

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This item is made to order. This means that the item may not be in stock and if so will be produced to fill your order after your order is placed. As such, shipment, while generally within 5-15 business days of the order being placed, may be somewhat delayed if order volume is high.

This effect simulates a comic styled array of colorful bubbles floating around a character. This set contains two pieces, which can be placed on a figure and hold on to them with light tension, as seen in the photos.

The bubbles on this piece are convex, and high gloss, to help them catch light and reflections, like bubbles do.

This effect is designed primarily for figures within a near six inch/1:12 scale. Fit may vary wildly the further outside of this range a figure is.

These items have pointed ends and/or may be small, and may be hazardous in the hands of children. They are intended for adults only.

No stands, displays, or figures are included with this item. They are shown for demonstrative purposes only, of both usage and compatibility.

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