Can of Beams Photo Contest 2 starts now! Running June 9th through 25th

The second Can of Beams Photo Contest begins today!  To commemorate this, there is also a discount code for $10 off orders of $50 or more, that will be valid starting today through Sunday.  Enter COB10 at checkout for the discount.  


The contest is simple. Take a photo of your figures with at least 1 can of beams effect piece, post it on instagram, tag @canofbeams and use the hash tag #canofcontest2 with your post. Entries may also be submitted by email to with the subject “CanofContest 2 Entry”
If submitted through email, please include your name and an email address to contact you at.

You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry needs its own separate post or email. Remember, a good photo doesn’t have to be a traditional diorama shot. It can be something clever, or funny, too, so go nuts!
5 winners will be chosen. 1st through 3rd based on best photo as per my judgment, and two runner up winners will be chosen at random from all entries.

Prizes are as follows
1st place – The 1st place winner can choose any 5 items from the prize pool
2nd place – The 2nd place winner can choose any 3 items from the prize pool.
3rd place – The 3rd place winner can choose any 2 items from the prize pool.
Runner Up (2 winners) – The two runner up winners can choose any 1 item from the prize pool.

The rules of the contest are as follows.

1. Pictures entered into the contest must utilize at least 1 visible Can of Beams effect piece.
2. Posts on instagram of the photos must tag @canofbeams, and must contain the hashtag #canofcontest2
Email submissions must include your name.
3. All winners must allow Can of Beams to repost the photos on social media as part of the winner’s announcement post, and on the website, so be ready to send a copy of the photo upon request. Winners will be tagged and credited.
4. You can enter as many photos as you like. Each needs its own post and must be newly posted or reposted for the contest.
5. Can of Beams will pick the winners at their own discretion in judgment.
6. Only US residents may participate and win the 1st place prize, due to the risk involved with international shipping for such an expensive item. International residents may participate and be applicable for other prizes. International participants, please indicate as such on your submissions.
7. The winner will be publicly announced on Thursday, June 29th.

Prize Pool
The prize pool is as follows. 1st through 3rd place winners may choose the same prize more than once.

15 Hex Bases
15 Unibases
10 M Bases
Lightning Effect Set 2 (Color of choice)
Shockwave Effect Set
Blood Pack 1
Any 4 Krackle Type A or B Effects
Any 2 Wave Effects
1 Speed Line Effect Set (Black or White)
2 Claw Kit sets (Style 1, 2, 3, or a mix)
2 Halo Effect Set (Choice of colors)
2 Chaos Magic Effect Set (Choice of colors)

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