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Fireworks effect set

Fireworks effect set

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This item is made to order. This means that the item may not be in stock and if so will be produced to fill your order after your order is placed. As such, shipment, while generally within 5-15 business days of the order being placed, may be somewhat delayed if order volume is high.

A two piece effect set, done in a 3 color pattern, with a bright glowing effect.

One of the pieces fits over a figure’s wrist by popping off the hand and then reattaching it through the hole on the effect. The other can be attached either via the included blu tack, or if applicable, gently placing it into a hand that can grip it.

Fit will vary based on the sculpt and size of the figure’s wrists and hands.

These items are small and/or pointed, and may be hazardous to children if swallowed or used improperly, and as such are intended for use by adult collectors only.

No stands, displays, or figures are included with this item. Any shown are done so for demonstrative purposes only.

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